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In today’s world when everything has a substitute, Farmly came up with a concept of distributing organic milk to the doorstep. The main challenge was to win the trust of the people about the organic milk distributed over the shoulders of technology. We objectified the problems that people go through in search of quality and organic milk and discovered the base of the solution that can help layout efficiency to the needful. Its research included setting up situations, learning the area of improvement, quality and cost issues that arose with the problem.



This stage includes a process to define the objective that is to be achieved with this project. We map out our end result to work in a specific manner and follow a particular type of workflow to make the further process even more streamlined. Considering all the facets of the people in search of quality milk, we plot the area where we can highlight our features ensuring trust and support among them. This will not only give a clear idea to the customer but also as we intend to create something with extremely efficiency.



In this process, we aim to create and prosper a good customer experience for the customers. By taking the cross-platform approach and implementing all the requirements give ease to the users to operate from any device. We make sure that people do not compromise in terms of quality and cost and usability. We highly focused on creating a personalized consumer story map where the information is stored according to the needs and conditions of the customer. To ensure more trust of the customer we worked on a feature where they can even overview the purity of the milk they are consuming.



The framework that was followed and worked upon consisting of research, planning, plotting, conceptualizing, and executing brings all this into one picture at this stage. The fully established version is tried and tested in a detailed and analytical way to ensure that execution is good to go to the user. Every aspect of possible error in any area is thoroughly looked upon to eliminate any kind of factor challenging the product, hence building trust among the customers.

Next Steps

We’d be monitoring and taking feedback for any improvements in the current user experience and incorporating them in the upcoming version update with a focus on more accurate dental demarcation facility within the image and video uploaded.

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