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We never neglect the golden rule to tackle any problem “Research”. This is an established initial touchpoint that needs to be achieved before any completion of a milestone. Research helps in understanding the basic aspects of a student’s major problem, supports in mapping out requirements, and defines the exact goals for them. Adding to that, it also includes concluding the pain points and mental models of the students by studying the behaviors, techniques, observation, and difficult areas. We come up with a flowchart according to the research and start carving the solutions considering it.



Digging out all the perspectives and objectives through the research, we are able to ideate in a crystal-clear way how things should be planned. It facilitates a fair idea about the pain points observed and gives room to build extensive user flows, sitemaps, and information architecture to prepare the base for creating wireframes. These highly researched wireframes are built with an objective to form the first draft that gives an idea of how the user interface would appear when paired with the desired functions and features, providing efficiency to the user.



This is where when all the research and defining comes into action. The concepts and visual ideas resonate with what has been planned out and are further executed in an extensive stage referring to handmade prototypes and wireframes. This process results in the construction of high-fidelity wireframes showcasing the look and the initial feel of the product which intends to go over and beyond and form a relevant end result when paired with the other elements of the required product.



This comprehensive approach to ease the user goals with relevant products comes to an end at this stage. All the established workflow that has been followed concludes in a product that is not only an advanced solution to the user requirements but also facilitates the user experience with its commendable elements and features. At this stage, we evaluate the usability, traction of user engagement, and the reliability of the designed and desired product. This is a final checkpoint when the product faces the evaluation and analysis before going for the users to start their goals.

Next Steps

We’d be monitoring and taking feedback for any improvements in the current user experience and incorporating them in the upcoming version update with a focus on more accurate dental demarcation facility within the image and video uploaded.

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