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This stage includes a process to define the objective that is to be achieved with this project. We map out our end result to work in a specific manner and follow a particular type of workflow to make the further process even more streamlined. Considering all the facets of the people in search of quality milk, we plot the area where we can highlight our features ensuring trust and support among them. This will not only give a clear idea to the customer but also as we intend to create something with extremely efficiency.



It all comes to the user engagement and usability of the user when we move towards creating great design and interfaces. We consider all the features and functions that were defined to enhance engagement and assemble the product in the same way. We keep the end result to create a better experience for the user. From creating prototypes to high fidelity wireframes to the final product, we keenly stick to the workflow defined to brain the end goal of enriching the doctor-patient engagement.



This process comes into action when the final product is designed and needs quality assurance of the over performance. This includes usability and feasibility of using the product as a user by keeping all the factors such as behavior, feel, trust, and engagement in mind. This helps us to leave no room for any error and lets us deliver a foolproof product. The evaluation of the product is followed by the detailed analysis of the product giving a fair about the successful engagement of the product by the user.

Next Steps

We’d be monitoring and taking feedback for any improvements in the current user experience and incorporating them in the upcoming version update with a focus on more accurate dental demarcation facility within the image and video uploaded.

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