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This stage includes a process to define the objective that is to be achieved with this project. We map out our end result to work in a specific manner and follow a particular type of workflow to make the further process even more streamlined. Considering all the facets of the people in search of quality milk, we plot the area where we can highlight our features ensuring trust and support among them. This will not only give a clear idea to the customer but also as we intend to create something with extremely efficiency.



This is a stage when the implementation of all the research and information collected about streamlining the user’s journey takes place. We aim to incorporate all the user pain points when they step outside their home, ensure feasibility to access, and create an interface that aligns with the end goals of serving the customer in the best way possible. We ensure that the users connect to the place should be over the top and should also deliberately intrigued to discover the place without any hesitation. We also focus on implementing various advanced and easy features to make users understand the process and perks of getting through, resonating with the end goal defined.



In this stage, the iteration process comes into action. All the issues and glitches regarding usability, features, seamless interaction are reviewed and changed to keep in parallel to the goal that was defined. The evaluation process consists of reviewing about how the conditions of use, thinking process of the user, their behavior, and feeling about the product. It ensures that there is no room for error ensuring a streamlined and easy for the user resonating the end goal of the whole user flow process.

Next Steps

We’d be monitoring and taking feedback for any improvements in the current user experience and incorporating them in the upcoming version update with a focus on more accurate dental demarcation facility within the image and video uploaded.

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